Best computer monitors for home, work, and play

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Sifting through refresh rates, pixels, resolution, and all the other monitor buzzwords can be intimidating. We break down our top 10 computer monitor choices and what they’re best for to make finding the one that suits you easy.

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We’re willing to bet you spend a decent portion of your day on a computer, whether that be for work, school, or leisure activities. Laptops are amazing inventions, but let’s be real: Being confined to a 13- or 15-inch screen can be limiting. To get the work space you really need, a monitor is a must. This doesn’t have to be your second screen, btw. Hook one up to a desktop for a powerful computing machine.


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Why Computer Literacy Matters During The Covid-19 Pandemic

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As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread across the nation, more and more school districts are continuing remote learning into the fall. Even those that are reopening are also planning for the need to close again if an outbreak occurs. As a result, districts are racing to

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Taiwan’s computer war games simulate invasion by People’s Liberation Army

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The computer-aided drills are part of Taiwan’s Han Kuang exercises, the island’s largest annual war games, an earlier phase of which was held in July. Photo: Handout

The computer-aided drills are part of Taiwan’s Han Kuang exercises, the island’s largest annual war games, an earlier phase of which was held in July. Photo: Handout

Taiwan began five days of computer-aided war games on Monday, simulating an attack on the island by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

The drills are part of the Han Kuang exercises, Taiwan’s largest annual war games. An earlier phase of the exercises in July included live-fire drills.

The war games were designed to test Taiwanese commanders’ ability to adopt the right defence strategy and coordinate different forces while under attack, the defence ministry said.

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Officials from the American Institute in Taiwan, the United States’ de facto embassy on the island, were invited to observe the drills, a military insider said.

“Previously, the US Indo-Pacific Command

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This giant scorpion is really a zero-gravity gaming chair and computer workstation

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Behold the Cluvens scorpion chair and computer workstation.


If you’re looking for the ultimate computer workstation or esports gaming chair, and you want to pretend you’re trapped inside a giant scorpion, your dreams are about to come true. 

Behold the Cluvens IW-SK zero-gravity esports gaming chair and workstation. The elaborate chair and desk support one ultra-wide 49-inch monitor or three curved monitors measuring 27 inches each. The unusual contraption also has prebuilt HDMI/DP cables to connect to monitors.

“This is our new model of the year 2020 that’s in the shape of a scorpion. Comfortable recline up to 170 degrees,” the website states. The chair and desk are electrically controlled with one touch. 

The scorpion desk/chair setup retails on Alibaba for $1,900 (about £1,485, AU$2,608).

If this

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Computer says zero Covid tests available in Birmingham

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The shambles of the national NHS Test and Trace system has been laid bare in Birmingham.

For while frustrated, anxious and ill Brummies were being directed more than 50 miles away for Covid tests, some of the city’s own testing centres, opened specially to deal with rising cases, are standing virtually EMPTY.

When we popped along to a new walk in test centre at the University of Birmingham to check out what was happening there, we expected to find a busy site.

Instead, we found around ten staff, including security, waiting for people to turn up – and just two people getting tests.

Both had just walked up and asked for one – including a single mum desperate to find out if her young son had the virus so she could get him back to school, freeing her up to get on with her vital work as a child therapist.

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How to Shop for a Used Computer

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When it comes to buying used PCs, it’s best to avoid sites like Craigslist, eBay, or Reddit—it’s possible to find good deals there, but if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, you can easily get tripped up by fake or misleading listings or even a PC preloaded with malware. If you’re buying your first used computer, you can avoid scams and heartbreak by sticking to major retailers. Computers from these sellers are also more likely to be professionally cleaned and restored.

Best Buy has a wide selection of preowned, refurbished, and open-box laptops and desktops. The site’s filters make it fairly easy to narrow down the specs by our recommendations above, and the desktops in particular are good deals if you’re able to upgrade the memory or install an SSD yourself.

When buying from Amazon, stick to models with the Amazon Renewed tag, which Amazon says “have been

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For My Kid’s First Computer, I Couldn’t Beat an Old Desktop

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My son has been asking my husband and me for a Nintendo Switch for the past three years. But three months into quarantine and a week before his ninth birthday, he asked to be gifted a desktop computer instead.

With camps and sports cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, he spent much of this summer rekindling his obsession with Minecraft. The more invested he was in the game, the more limited he felt by his tiny iPhone 7 screen. Further, many of the group educational classes he wanted us to enroll him in, such as this game-design camp on Outschool, required students to use the PC or Mac version. Unbeknownst to us and, according to myriad Chromebook reviews, many other befuddled parents, it hasn’t been possible to play Minecraft on a Chromebook, even a “nice” one. (Well, not without a complicated Linux workaround—or nowadays, an Office 365 Education account.)1

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Deep dive into iconic computer brand’s “100% made in India” smart televisions

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a colorful balloon in the sky: Hex 4K QLED TV range starts at Rs 59,999.

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Hex 4K QLED TV range starts at Rs 59,999.

Compaq is back. The iconic computer brand, which was once synonymous with compatibility and quality, has found a way to enter your household once again, this time in the form of smart televisions. Yes, Compaq-branded smart TVs are a thing now and even though the dynamics have changed since you last heard from the brand, the philosophy behind its new products in 2020 (and beyond) is still guided by the old-school ethos of compatibility and quality.

The Compaq-branded smart TVs are part of a strategic partnership between HP and Ossify Industries that allows the Delhi-based company to design, develop, and distribute them in India (and elsewhere). The announcement was first made in January and Ossify was well placed to launch the Compaq-branded smart TVs in India in April, but the plans were halted in the

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Cat Gets Locked In Battle With Mom’s Computer Mouse

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Mokou first came into Brenna Telaroli’s life as a sickly 8-week-old kitten. Born with a large umbilical cord hernia, Mokou needed emergency surgery. But as soon as Telaroli saw his beautiful blue eyes she knew she’d do anything for him.


Now completely recovered, Mokou is full of personality — which can be a little difficult to handle when Telaroli’s working from home.

a cat lying on top of a laptop

© Brenna Telaroli

“For starters, he is a major talker,” Telaroli told The Dodo. “He has something to say about everything, including when I am at work trying to talk to customers.”


Mokou will do anything to distract his mom from work, and usually, he’s pretty successful. The less time his mom spends working, the more time she has to focus on him.

a cat lying on a blanket

© Brenna Telaroli

“He loves to play — that is all he wants to do when awake,” she said. “He is either throwing his toys

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Assam HSLC students who scored above 75% to get cash award in stead of computer this year

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a group of people posing for a photo

Assam Education Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Saturday said, unlike every year, the government will give cash to the meritorious students of Class 10 instead of providing computers as “many parts come from China and other countries” and are difficult to source during the coronavirus pandemic.

Addressing a press conference in Guwahati, Sarma said, the state government has decided to deposit Rs 20,000 in the bank account of a student scoring star marks or 75 per cent in High School Leaving Certificate examinations from this year.

Assam HSLC scholarship: Student details collected

The bank details of 16,648 students have been collected and 16,944 students have scored star marks this year, he said.

“We plan to roll out the scheme by depositing the money on September 12. We will need Rs 33-34 crore for this scheme,” he added further and told the PTI.

Stating that all schemes will be completed by

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