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6 ways for your small business to navigate a strong finish to 2020 and beyond

This year has been especially difficult for small businesses around the globe due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The global pandemic has forced many business owners to pivot and adopt new strategies to ensure their companies survive.

Madeline Haydon invented and launched nutpods, a plant-based coffee creamer in 2013 while pregnant with her daughter. Using Kickstarter for funding and to gauge interest, she discovered that those thirsty for products like hers ranged from Boston moms, to Australian paleo cafes, and even Czech coffee shops.

Nutpods is currently the third best-selling brand of plant-based creamers — accomplished without “taking out billboards in Times Square,” she points out. Customers from across the country purchase nutpods directly from her storefront on Since beginning to sell on Amazon in 2015, her sales have grown 5,500%, and her business now has 27 employees. And while COVID-19 caused some businesses to shut down,

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