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All of our 5G Samsung smartphone deals are available to new and existing customers

You have been talking, and at AT&T we have been listening.  Our top priority is making sure our customers feel heard, valued and appreciated.  It turns out, it’s not complicated to know what they want.  One thing continues to rise to the top of focus groups, survey data, and social media posts:

Why do new customers get better deals than existing customers?

Our research shows that 84% of all postpaid wireless customers think this is unfair.

That’s why in early August, we celebrated the launch of our fast, reliable, and secure nationwide 5G by including 5G in all of our postpaid unlimited wireless plans at no additional cost.*  And by offering the same great deal to new and existing customers on our best Samsung 5G smartphones.  Switch, add a line or upgrade – everyone gets the same great price.  Right now, when you sign up for an AT&T unlimited plan

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There is no productivity software

This article was originally published by Matthew Guay on Capichea secret society for SaaS power users, building a new community of people who care about software to make the SaaS industry more transparent, together.

300,000 people are on Superhuman’s waitlist, while 95,000 requested a Hey invite before it launched—both in pursuit of a more productive email experience. Enough people paid Roam Research from $15/month to $500 for 5 years that they hit $1 million in ARR only 6 weeks after launching paid plans.

Give people a new productivity tool, and they’ll show up in droves. And woe betides if you take it away. There were more Hacker News comments about Microsoft shutting down Wunderlist than about any other thing the to-do list app had ever done.

Something entices us about productivity software. Not that most of us directly measure our productivity enough to know whether something actually makes

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For My Kid’s First Computer, I Couldn’t Beat an Old Desktop

My son has been asking my husband and me for a Nintendo Switch for the past three years. But three months into quarantine and a week before his ninth birthday, he asked to be gifted a desktop computer instead.

With camps and sports cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, he spent much of this summer rekindling his obsession with Minecraft. The more invested he was in the game, the more limited he felt by his tiny iPhone 7 screen. Further, many of the group educational classes he wanted us to enroll him in, such as this game-design camp on Outschool, required students to use the PC or Mac version. Unbeknownst to us and, according to myriad Chromebook reviews, many other befuddled parents, it hasn’t been possible to play Minecraft on a Chromebook, even a “nice” one. (Well, not without a complicated Linux workaround—or nowadays, an Office 365 Education account.)1

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Jacqui Lambie Is Letting the Internet Decide Whether She’ll Vote to Ban Mobiles in Immigration Centres

An important vote on whether mobile phones should be banned in immigration centres lies in the hands of Senator Jacqui Lambie and she’s asking the internet what it thinks.

A bill, proposed back in May, was debated in Parliament this week and will soon be voted on. It would see the Minister of Home Affairs, Peter Dutton, be given the power to prohibit certain items, including mobile phones, SIM cards and internet-capable devices, from immigration detention centres around the country.

Whether it passes into law or gets knocked back lies in the hands of Senator Jacqui Lambie.

And to help her decide which way she should vote, Lambie has set up a poll on her site asking for your thoughts.

“I believe you have the right to be heard by your politicians. That’s why I want your advice on this vote,” the site reads.

“My team will collate your vote.

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