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Programming languages: Swift 5.3 is out with better performance, productivity, says Apple

Along with springing iOS 14 on unsuspecting developers, Apple yesterday also released version 5.3 of its Swift programming language. 

Swift 5.3 is available to developers from the Swift website or with the latest version of Apple’s integrated development environment, Xcode 12, which also includes SDKs for iOS 14, iPadOS 14, tvOS 14, watchOS 7, and macOS Big Sur.

Apple announced Swift 5.3 in March shortly after releasing Swift 5.2. The company is developing the language in the open, allowing developers in the Swift community to suggest new features via proposals that Apple may adopt. 

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Updates in Swift 5.3 aim to help developers be more productive by reducing redundant code, according to Holly Borla, an engineer on the Swift compiler team at Apple. It also includes fixes for common compiler issues that developers have experienced. 

The new version of Swift improves binary code size

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Nxivm Had a Cult Leader Made for the Internet

There is a scene early in “The Vow,” HBO’s documentary series on Nxivm, where an eager recruit meets the group’s mysterious leader for the first time. After being described in near-godlike terms by his acolytes in Albany — who rhapsodize about his supposed world-record I.Q., Judo mastery and concert-level piano skills — Keith Raniere finally emerges at an intimate gathering. He is revealed to be a squat man with a dweebish presentation. In a home video, he stalks artlessly around the room, flipping his feathered, center-parted hair and pecking everyone on the lips. “There was a part of me that was like, This is the dude?” said the recruit, a filmmaker named Mark Vicente, after leaving the organization. “But you never know where wisdom comes from. You know?”

What did so many people see in Raniere, the founder of a professional development and women’s empowerment organization that former members

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