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Microsoft: VS Code update gets new features with programming language TypeScript 4.0

Microsoft has released the latest update to its open-source cross-platform code editor Visual Studio Code, bringing changes to formatting, Notebook UX updates, improvements to Source Control views and IntelliSense improvements from TypeScript 4.0.

VS Code version 1.49 works to remove unnecessarily large pull requests by only formatting text that’s been modified via a new command, ‘Format Modified Lines’, and a new setting, ‘editor.formatOnSaveMode’, which restricts Format on Save to modified lines.

The Notebook UX changes aim to improve the cell execution order label to make it easier to discover. Previously, users couldn’t see the execution order label (#) while executing a cell. So the VS Code team has shifted the table below the execute button. 

VS Code users can also now use two new settings to customize how the cell looks with respect to the location of the tool bar and whether or not the Status bar should be visible. 

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Spotify Original Podcast Dissects Donald Glover’s ‘Because The Internet’

From late February to early April 2020, internet use skyrocketed. The New York Times reported that, in the month-long time frame, use increased 27 percent, Houseparty use increased 79 percent, and remote-work services like Zoom and Google Classroom were used more than ever before. Everything — from our ability to socialize, to many people’s ability to continue education and white-collar work — is Because the Internet

For reasons associated with our increasingly-virtual lives, among many others, the Spotify Original podcast Dissect is devoting its seventh season to Childish Gambino’s 2013 concept album Because the Internet. The first episode of the season premiered September 8, and episodes will release weekly on Tuesdays. 

Dissect is a serialized music podcast that examines a single album per season

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Replacing Software In These 13 Categories Drives The Most Satisfaction

  • Thirteen enterprise software categories are driving a 50% or greater satisfaction rate in companies replacing incumbent vendors with new ones. 
  • Team Collaboration and Web Conferencing software providers tend to the best at understanding the nuances of their customers’ requirements for training, usability, intuitiveness, and implementation.
  • SoftwareReviews’ data of 193 software categories shows that the 13 categories delivering the greatest satisfaction are the easiest to implement as rated by organizations using them.
  • 80% of organizations see a positive change in satisfaction after switching vendors, capitalizing on innovative new features, including improved usability.

These and many other fascinating insights are from recent research completed by SoftwareReviews, a division of Info-Tech Research Group titled Switching Existing Software Vendors Overwhelmingly Drives Increased Satisfaction. A free copy of the report is available for download here. Info-Tech’s business model is based on providing research to enterprise buyers on subscription, alleviating the need to be

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C++ is now the fastest-growing programming language

Following a roller coaster ride in popularity during the past few years, C++ is now the fastest-growing language of the programming pack, according to TIOBE’s September index.


Image: iStock/monsitj

C++ has had its share of ups and downs over the years in terms of popularity. But compared with its status last year, it’s now officially the fastest growing among all languages covered by software QA automation company TIOBE. For its new September 2020 Programming Community index, TIOBE gave C++ a rating of 7.11%, earning it a 1.48% increase over September 2019, the biggest gain among all languages for the month.

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Image: TIOBE

Must-read developer content

Looking at its checkered history, TIOBE noted that C++ peaked in August 2003 with a rating of 17.53%, nudging it toward second place and helping it win the award for programming language

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Computer says zero Covid tests available in Birmingham

The shambles of the national NHS Test and Trace system has been laid bare in Birmingham.

For while frustrated, anxious and ill Brummies were being directed more than 50 miles away for Covid tests, some of the city’s own testing centres, opened specially to deal with rising cases, are standing virtually EMPTY.

When we popped along to a new walk in test centre at the University of Birmingham to check out what was happening there, we expected to find a busy site.

Instead, we found around ten staff, including security, waiting for people to turn up – and just two people getting tests.

Both had just walked up and asked for one – including a single mum desperate to find out if her young son had the virus so she could get him back to school, freeing her up to get on with her vital work as a child therapist.

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NOIA is the Solution to a Flawed Internet says Engineer and Investor Jonathan Kvicky

Jonathan Kvicky

Jonathan Kvicky
Jonathan Kvicky
Jonathan Kvicky

Los Angeles, CA, Sept. 11, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — We at Ascend Agency will cover about Jonathan Kvicky. At just 32, he has found massive success in the finance and engineering space, merging his two passions to help foster the adoption of groundbreaking tech. While his day job revolves around providing value to Sony PlayStation as a Senior Software Engineer, his off-hours are spent trading and fine-tuning investments in Blockchain projects, supporting platforms that he believes will transform the future of many industries. “Good tech wins. We live in an exciting time right now,” Kvicky says, “where a new digital fabric is being overlaid on top of the world as we know it.”

The project Kvicky is most excited about – NOIA Network – is a software solution that runs on top of the public internet and ensures that all connections are reliable, fast,

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Coupa Software Was Weakening Well Ahead of Earnings

For his second “Executive Decision” segment of Mad Money Wednesday night, Jim Cramer spoke with Rob Bernshteyn, CEO of Coupa Software (COUP) , the spending management software provider that saw its shares fall despite posting a strong quarter.

Bernshteyn said he was proud of the results this quarter, as the company was able to reduce implementation times and increase overall operational efficiency. He said spend management remains a critical area for most businesses, especially as they cope with supply chain disruptions around the globe.

When asked about those disruptions, Bernshteyn explained that many companies are using Coupa’s community intelligence to diversify their supply chains and optimize their spending. Many companies are switching from single-source to multi-source and are renegotiating to deal with changing conditions.

Let’s check out the charts.

In the daily Japanese candlestick chart of COUP, below, we can see that the shares reversed to the downside after breaking

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Programming languages: C++ just jumped in popularity. Here’s why

35-year-old programming language C++ is undergoing a revival, according to Tiobe Software, which says it is the fastest growing language of any right now. 

C++ is “doing very well”, Tiobe CEO Paul Jansen, says in the company’s September 2020 index for the world’s most popular programming languages. C++ currently ranks fourth, behind C, Java, and Python. 

Tiobe’s index is based on programming-related search queries on 25 search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia and Bing. It’s not a perfect system, but it is meant to reflect changes in a language’s popularity as measured by the topics developers new and old are searching for. It’s also meant to serve as an indicator for what languages developers should learn and use for their next projects. 

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As Jansen notes, C++ hit a high point in 2003 with a 17.53% share that put

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How to Shop for a Used Computer

When it comes to buying used PCs, it’s best to avoid sites like Craigslist, eBay, or Reddit—it’s possible to find good deals there, but if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, you can easily get tripped up by fake or misleading listings or even a PC preloaded with malware. If you’re buying your first used computer, you can avoid scams and heartbreak by sticking to major retailers. Computers from these sellers are also more likely to be professionally cleaned and restored.

Best Buy has a wide selection of preowned, refurbished, and open-box laptops and desktops. The site’s filters make it fairly easy to narrow down the specs by our recommendations above, and the desktops in particular are good deals if you’re able to upgrade the memory or install an SSD yourself.

When buying from Amazon, stick to models with the Amazon Renewed tag, which Amazon says “have been

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All of our 5G Samsung smartphone deals are available to new and existing customers

You have been talking, and at AT&T we have been listening.  Our top priority is making sure our customers feel heard, valued and appreciated.  It turns out, it’s not complicated to know what they want.  One thing continues to rise to the top of focus groups, survey data, and social media posts:

Why do new customers get better deals than existing customers?

Our research shows that 84% of all postpaid wireless customers think this is unfair.

That’s why in early August, we celebrated the launch of our fast, reliable, and secure nationwide 5G by including 5G in all of our postpaid unlimited wireless plans at no additional cost.*  And by offering the same great deal to new and existing customers on our best Samsung 5G smartphones.  Switch, add a line or upgrade – everyone gets the same great price.  Right now, when you sign up for an AT&T unlimited plan

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