Leonard DiCaprio...Vaping's Biggest Star

Leonardo Dicaprio Vaping at the Oscars

Leonardo DiCaprio, after proving just how much of a man he could be after his fight with a bear in The Revenant, already has someone wanting to take him on for his next fight — the American Lung Association. The health organization has took DiCaprio to task after pictures of the actor puffing on an e-cigarette at last weekend’s Screen Actors Guild awards came out. They called his actions "deeply troubling," and chastising him for exposing his peers to secondhand smoke.

One of the things the ALA refuses to acknowledge if the numerous studies that have been released that cite the absence of chemicals in the second-hand vapor that is exhaled from these e cigarette devices.

"It's not as bad as everyone think it is," said an industry insider who chose to remain anonymous. "A lot of these studies, when you get behind the scenes and see who commissioned them and why they were done, you start to realize that the e cigarette industry is just like every other one, people have an agenda."

Earlier Saturday evening the actor reportedly pulled out his vape pen while seated at his table. The flavor of the smoke contained within remains yet to be determined, however there have been stories that it was the wonderfully pleasant Sicilian Gold from 10th Planet E Juice, but those stories have yet to be confirmed. It’s not the first time Leo’s been spotted vaping, either — the actor was also observed to be using an e-cigarette multiple times during the 2014 US Open. At least on those occasions he made attempts to cover his secret shame, donning a cap, dark glasses, and a beard.

Is he setting a bad example...maybe, that depends on who you ask. And while it is true that vaping isn't as healthy as breathing air, nothing is! Between global warming, Fukushima, horrible air quality in China and war in Syria, there are a lot of things attempting to bring down the average life span on earth these days. But ask yourself, how many of them are as rewarding as a good vape.