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The Racist Legacy of Computer-Generated Humans

Computer-generated imagery is supposed to be one of the success stories of computer science. Starting in the 1970s, the algorithms for realistically depicting digital worlds were developed in a monumental joint effort between academic, commercial and federal research labs. Today, we stream the results onto the screens in our homes. Escaping into worlds where computer-generated superheroes right all wrongs, or toys come to life to comfort us, are welcome respites from stories of real-life systemic racism, the ubiquitous dimensions of which are becoming clearer every day.

Alas, this technology has an insidious, racist legacy all its own.

For almost two decades, I have worked on the science and technology behind movies. I was formerly a senior research scientist at Pixar and am currently a professor at Yale. If you have seen a blockbuster movie in the last decade, you have seen my work. I got my start at Rhythm and

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Deep dive into iconic computer brand’s “100% made in India” smart televisions

a colorful balloon in the sky: Hex 4K QLED TV range starts at Rs 59,999.

© Provided by The Financial Express
Hex 4K QLED TV range starts at Rs 59,999.

Compaq is back. The iconic computer brand, which was once synonymous with compatibility and quality, has found a way to enter your household once again, this time in the form of smart televisions. Yes, Compaq-branded smart TVs are a thing now and even though the dynamics have changed since you last heard from the brand, the philosophy behind its new products in 2020 (and beyond) is still guided by the old-school ethos of compatibility and quality.

The Compaq-branded smart TVs are part of a strategic partnership between HP and Ossify Industries that allows the Delhi-based company to design, develop, and distribute them in India (and elsewhere). The announcement was first made in January and Ossify was well placed to launch the Compaq-branded smart TVs in India in April, but the plans were halted in the

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Cat Gets Locked In Battle With Mom’s Computer Mouse

Mokou first came into Brenna Telaroli’s life as a sickly 8-week-old kitten. Born with a large umbilical cord hernia, Mokou needed emergency surgery. But as soon as Telaroli saw his beautiful blue eyes she knew she’d do anything for him.


Now completely recovered, Mokou is full of personality — which can be a little difficult to handle when Telaroli’s working from home.

a cat lying on top of a laptop

© Brenna Telaroli

“For starters, he is a major talker,” Telaroli told The Dodo. “He has something to say about everything, including when I am at work trying to talk to customers.”


Mokou will do anything to distract his mom from work, and usually, he’s pretty successful. The less time his mom spends working, the more time she has to focus on him.

a cat lying on a blanket

© Brenna Telaroli

“He loves to play — that is all he wants to do when awake,” she said. “He is either throwing his toys

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Assam HSLC students who scored above 75% to get cash award in stead of computer this year

a group of people posing for a photo

Assam Education Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Saturday said, unlike every year, the government will give cash to the meritorious students of Class 10 instead of providing computers as “many parts come from China and other countries” and are difficult to source during the coronavirus pandemic.

Addressing a press conference in Guwahati, Sarma said, the state government has decided to deposit Rs 20,000 in the bank account of a student scoring star marks or 75 per cent in High School Leaving Certificate examinations from this year.

Assam HSLC scholarship: Student details collected

The bank details of 16,648 students have been collected and 16,944 students have scored star marks this year, he said.

“We plan to roll out the scheme by depositing the money on September 12. We will need Rs 33-34 crore for this scheme,” he added further and told the PTI.

Stating that all schemes will be completed by

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Why Are There Roaches Inside My Computer?

Illustration for article titled Why Are There Roaches Inside My Computer?

Illustration: Elena Scotti (Photos: Shutterstock)

Giz AsksGiz AsksIn this Gizmodo series, we ask questions about everything and get answers from a variety of experts.

There are some things that belong in a computer. Wires, chips, whirring mechanical doodads—what most of us would think of, sensibly, as “hard drive stuff.” Absent from this list—absent from most lists, except those dealing with repugnant, six-legged disease vectors—are cockroaches. A cockroach in a hard drive? That is simply not where a cockroach is supposed to be. And yet there they are, defying the laws of hard drives, not to mention nature. What is responsible for this abomination? What is it in the twisted cockroach psyche that compels them over and over to commit this particular crime? For this week’s Giz Asks, we reached out to a number of experts to find out.

Walt Oakhem

Owner at York Computer Repair


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An HD Webcam, 21-Inch Monitor and 13 Other Computer Accessories Under $100

Smartphones and tablets have earned their place in the world of tech, but most of us still spend a big chunk of our day in front of a computer. Whether you’re an office worker, freelancer, or student, nothing will quite replace the power of a Mac, or PC.

Pairing your computer with the right accessories can help you get the most out of your machine. That could mean enabling you be more productive, adding, upgrading, or replacing a crucial component, or using your computer for more than just work.

We’ve collected the best accessories for your computer that cost less than $100. All of these accessories will work with a Mac or PC, and most will work with a Chromebook. We’ve also made sure that a majority of our picks can work with both a laptop or desktop, so you’re not limited to one type of machine.

1. Edifier R1280T

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How an F-16 Fighter Jet Lost a Dog Fight to a Computer

What would it mean if an unmanned, AI-enabled fighter jet were able to out-perform a manned fighter in a dogfight?

Well, that is what happened according to a DARPA-industry simulation exercise in which a drone fighter defeated a manned F-16 by a score of 5 to 0, according to a report from Breaking Defense.

“The three-day trials show that AI systems can credibly maneuver an aircraft in a simple, one-on-one combat scenario and shoot its forward guns in a classic, WWII-style dogfight. In a 5 to 0 sweep, an AI ‘pilot’ developed by Heron Systems beat one of the Air Force’s top F-16 fighter pilots in DARPA’s simulated aerial dogfight contest ” the Breaking Defense story says. 

There are several important things to bear in mind here, it would seem. Of course, AI is progressing so quickly that many presume highly-maneuverable, complex-decision-making drone fighter jets will be operational in the

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Future mental health care may include diagnosis via brain scan and computer algorithm


IMAGE: MRI images like this one were screened by a machine learning computer algorithm designed by a research team at the University of Tokyo. The algorithm learned to identify the brains…
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Credit: Image by Shinsuke Koike, CC-BY

Most of modern medicine has physical tests or objective techniques to define much of what ails us. Yet, there is currently no blood or genetic test, or impartial procedure that can definitively diagnose a mental illness, and certainly none to distinguish between different psychiatric disorders with similar symptoms. Experts at the University of Tokyo are combining machine learning with brain imaging tools to redefine the standard for diagnosing mental illnesses.

“Psychiatrists, including me, often talk about symptoms and behaviors with patients and their teachers, friends and parents. We only meet patients in the hospital or clinic, not out in their daily lives. We have to make medical conclusions using subjective, secondhand

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When will the smoky skies over Central California go away?


The heavy, smoky skies are predicted to remain over Fresno and the rest of Central California at least through Saturday, according to the Experimental High-Resolution Rapid Refresh computer model that the U.S. National Weather Service in Hanford is tracking.

The Fresno Bee

Forget about getting a breath of fresh air anytime soon.

The heavy, smoky skies are predicted to remain over Fresno and the rest of Central California at least through Saturday, according to the Experimental High-Resolution Rapid Refresh computer model that the U.S. National Weather Service in Hanford is tracking.

And that means the air quality will remain at unhealthy levels throughout the central San Joaquin Valley, so people are advised to remain indoors as much as possible.

As of Saturday morning, the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District’s Real-time Air Advisory Network shows the level of particulate matter (known as PM2.5) at twice the threshold

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Has Applied Materials (AMAT) Outpaced Other Computer and Technology Stocks This Year?

Investors interested in Computer and Technology stocks should always be looking to find the best-performing companies in the group. Is Applied Materials (AMAT) one of those stocks right now? By taking a look at the stock’s year-to-date performance in comparison to its Computer and Technology peers, we might be able to answer that question.

Applied Materials is one of 605 companies in the Computer and Technology group. The Computer and Technology group currently sits at #4 within the Zacks Sector Rank. The Zacks Sector Rank gauges the strength of our 16 individual sector groups by measuring the average Zacks Rank of the individual stocks within the groups.

The Zacks Rank emphasizes earnings estimates and estimate revisions to find stocks with improving earnings outlooks. This system has a long record of success, and these stocks tend to be on track to beat the market over the next one to three months.

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