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Lessons Learned From The Internet’s First Domain Names

Jeffrey is the Co-Founder of, focusing on domain sales and acquisitions. Visit if you want to purchase a domain.

I love the internet. I love domain names, and I also love history. Being at the age I am, I had the opportunity to see the internet start as the wild west when it was thousands of message boards, chatrooms and loads of pirated music. The good old days were back when one of the most well-known taglines was “You’ve got mail,” Netscape was your browser, Clippy was crashing computers everywhere, Napster/Limewire was pumping music through Winamp, and Minesweeper was the staple game on every Windows Operating system.

This was a place where large corporations didn’t know what to do about the internet or perhaps even attempt to understand it. Some of these companies saw the internet as a fad and did not capitalize on the opportunity that

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Best mesh WiFi systems and why you definitely need one

Whether you’re a gamer, working from home, or just want a better connection, WiFi mesh is sure to improve your network. We’ve read the reviews and scoured the internet to bring you some of the best options out there to give you flawless internet connection throughout your living space.

All products featured here are independently selected by our editors and writers.If you buy something through links on our site, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission.

Is there anything more frustrating than unreliable internet? If you’re someone who works from home, likes to scroll during your Netflix and Chill time, or simply has a lot of housemates all eating up the internet at the same time, then a WiFi mesh system is for you. Read on to discover what that is, why you need it, and which options will work best for your needs.


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January Jones’ Bizarre Self Care Posts Intrigue Internet

January Jones has become something of an accidental influencer in recent months as the Mad Men star’s chaotic Instagram has fans intrigued.

One of the actress’ latest post has raised a few eyebrows—in the best possible way.

Jones, 42, joked about taking a bath in beer and linking it to Cleopatra bathing in sperm.

A fan tweeted stills from the story from September 29with the caption: “January is self care posting again and just poured beer in her bath because she read that Cleopatra used to bathe in sperm (?) and it ‘can’t be that different depending on who you’ve dated.'”

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They added: “This is by far one of the greatest videos she’s ever posted but the yeast implications are terrifying me.”

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Is An Internet Service Provider Revolution On The Horizon?

By Ben Bawtree-Jobson, CEO at SiFi Networks.

For several years now, a revolution has been slowly building momentum in the battle for internet services being supplied to the home. For decades, consumers have been faced with either a monopoly or duopoly in the form of just a telco and/or cableco offering to their homes. As in any other unregulated monopolistic industry, this has resulted in higher prices for consumers, poorer customer service levels and lack of investment in infrastructure. In short, the customer has paid the price and suffered when compared to the rest of the developed world.

Unfortunately, the barriers to entry for anyone willing to compete have been exceptionally steep, with TV products and content being owned or exclusive to the cable TV companies and the vast amount of capital required to build out separate competing networks, but all of that is changing drastically.

The doom

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The System, book review: How the internet works and who runs it


The System: Who Owns the Internet, and How It Owns Us • By James Ball • Bloomsbury • 288 pages • ISBN: 978-1-52-660724-9 • £18 (hardback) / £14 (e-book)

It’s been a while since the last book explaining how the internet works. I believe it was was in 2012, when US Senator Ted Stevens’ (R-AK) characterization of the internet as “a series of tubes”, inspired Andrew Blum to write Tubes: A Journey to the Center of the Internet to explore the network’s oft-forgotten physical underpinnings — a theme also taken up in Michael Lewis’s Flash Boys, which showed how physics helped high-frequency traders exploit the financial markets. Now, here is James Ball, with The System: Who Owns the Internet, and How It Owns Us, to examine the internet and power.

Internet history can be slippery. Contrary to expectations in the 1990s — and then again in 2011, crediting

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Jordyn Woods says internet backlash made her who she is today

Woods has since launched a modeling and acting career

Jordyn Woods, 23, sat down with Natalie Manuel on her YouTube show, Now With Natalie and opened up about internet bullying, fat shaming, and how she dealt with a culture that wanted to cancel her after she made headlines in February 2019 for kissing NBA star, Tristan Thompson while he was still romantically linked with Khloe Kardashian.

Screenshot of Jordyn Woods and Natalie Manuel Lee (via YouTube)
Screenshot of Jordyn Woods and Natalie Manuel Lee (via YouTube)

In the beginning of the interview, Woods discussed her formative years and how she lacked confidence due to being overweight.

She said she embraced being a ‘tomboy’ because she was unable to comfortably fit popular teen clothing brands such as Abercrombie.

She admitted to being her own worst critic, but says she has evolved since the scandalous incident with Thompson.

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At that

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Is your internet painfully slow? This N.W.T. organization wants to hear about it

a man standing in front of a computer: Kyle Napier, with DigitalNWT, says the slow internet in some northern households and organizations is 'endangering communities … sacrificing or compromising their learning.'

© Submitted by Kyle Napier
Kyle Napier, with DigitalNWT, says the slow internet in some northern households and organizations is ‘endangering communities … sacrificing or compromising their learning.’

A Northwest Territories digital literacy organization is shining light on the sluggish speeds, limited bandwidth and high prices many northern internet users put up with simply because of where they live. 

DigitalNWT launched its #NWTDigitalDivide campaign on Sept. 10 in an attempt to get northerners, particularly those in smaller and remote communities, to share their challenges accessing the internet.

Kyle Napier, a spokesperson for DigitalNWT who’s originally from Fort Smith, N.W.T., says some places in the territory have “incredibly low” internet speeds — “less than a megabyte per second.” 

The purpose of the campaign, he said, is to raise awareness of the “digital divide” between urban and remote communities, so that policy-makers have the information they need to create more accessible internet. 

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Universal Internet Adoption Will Revolutionize Urban Cities

By Tracy Collins Ortlieb

Imagine a city where residents — wearing virtual reality glasses — can repair their electronics, redecorate their living spaces, or self-administer healthcare, all with the help of a remote expert. Where commuters sporting wearable tech can transition seamlessly from an e-scooter to the Hyperloop. A city whose leaders can formulate “digital twins” to test municipal operations, infrastructure investments or police reforms prior to implementing them.

In the handful of years since they became commonplace in the United States, 4G LTE networks quickly came to underpin everyday life for city dwellers. Whether scrolling the headlines on a commuter train, mobile banking, or navigating destinations using digital maps, urbanites have come to rely on these networks. From Uber to Airbnb, 4G connectivity sparked an explosion of mobile apps that have transformed the way we live, as well as ushering in the sharing and gig economies.

But where 4G

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Longcat, the internet meme icon, dies aged 18


Longcat was made popular as a meme first on 4chan.


Longcat is just one one a list of internet cat celebs that includes Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub, but sadly, Longcat reportedly passed away Sunday at the age of 18.

Longcat was best known for his “epic length, spawning Photoshops, and even an entire mythology around his magnitude,” according to Know Your Meme. Longcat reportedly stood at 25.5 inches (65 centimeters) from head to toe.

Longcat first popped up online as a meme around 2005 or 2006. Longcat was even added to the Urban Dictionary in 2006, attributing the name to 4chan’s random board, /b/.  While Longcat’s real name is Shiroi (which means white), Japanese fans gave the cat the initial nickname of Nobiiru or Nobiko,

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Internet problems: On a go slow? Here’s what could be to blame

A computer screen with four faces on itImage copyright

Image caption

Teams that usually meet in the office are reliant on their internet for video conferencing instead

With more people than ever before working from home because of the coronavirus pandemic, a decent internet connection has never been so important.

Have you ever wondered what could be slowing yours down?

A villager in Aberhosan, Powys, was left red-faced after discovering their old television was emitting electrical interference, causing the whole village to lose its broadband.

But which devices could be the culprits in your home?

Microwave ovens

Image caption

Both microwaves and wi-fi emit electromagnetic rays

Communications regulator Ofcom has warned people to avoid using their microwave to get a faster internet.

Both microwaves and wi-fi emit electromagnetic rays in order to function – the former to heat up food, and the latter emits radio waves.

They both operate on a similar frequency, which can lead

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