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Inside NSO, Israel’s billion-dollar spyware giant

NSO has long faced such accusations with silence. Claiming that much of its business is an Israeli state secret, it has offered precious little public detail about its operations, customers, or safeguards. 

Now, though, the company suggests things are changing. In 2019, NSO, which was owned by a private equity firm, was sold back to its founders and another private equity firm, Novalpina, for $1 billion. The new owners decided on a fresh strategy: emerge from the shadows. The company hired elite public relations firms, crafted new human rights policies, and developed new self-­governance documents. It even began showing off some of its other products, such as a covid-19 tracking system called Fleming, and Eclipse, which can hack drones deemed a security threat.

Over several months, I’ve spoken with NSO leadership to understand how the company works and what it says it is doing to prevent human rights abuses carried

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Apple Oakridge Center to close until 2024, new & larger flagship forthcoming

Vancouver’s Oakridge Center will begin major renovations, including a significant upgrade for the on-site Apple Store, Apple Oakridge Center.

The shopping mall plans to close its doors at the end of September until 2024, as the mall undergoes a complete overhaul. When the mall reopens, it will serve as a mixed-use “city center,” and be the most extensive development in the city’s history.

Apple Oakridge Center will also be closing its doors during this time. According to plans shown to Retail Insider, it will be redesigned as a 10,000 square foot space located alongside luxury brand stores in the mall’s “lux run.”

The store is still currently open and will remain so until September. Customers can visit the store to pick up online orders and customers are still able to schedule Genius Bar appointments.

As with many locations, the coronavirus pandemic has changed how the store operates. Customers are required

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10 Tricks to Make You a Pixel 4 or Pixel 4a Pro

Illustration for article titled 10 Tricks to Make You a Pixel 4 or Pixel 4a Pro

Photo: Sam Rutherford/Gizmodo

If you recently bought Google’s flagship Pixel 4 or opted for the more value-oriented Pixel 4a, you should know that both handsets have a few tricks to show off. These are the features, tools, settings, and tips you need to know about if you want to get the most out of your Pixel 4 or Pixel 4a smartphone.

1. Try out Night Sight

The Pixel phones’ cameras and their associated image-processing software stand out more than any other feature. Both the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4a have a powerful low-light Night Sight mode built into the camera app. This uses a variety of smart algorithms to brighten up darker areas in a photo and retain an impressive amount of detail in low light shots.

Because the feature relies largely on software trickery, Night Sight photos look similarly shot on both the Pixel

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Instagram rolls out suggested posts to keep you glued to your feed

Instagram is expanding its feed today with the launch of “suggested posts.” These posts, from accounts you don’t follow, will show up after you’ve reached the end of your feed and give you the option to keep scrolling with Instagram’s suggestions. Up until now, the feed has been entirely determined by users’ preferences and the people they follow.

For the past couple of years, Instagram has shown users a message when they reach the end of their feeds, meaning they’ve seen every post over the past two days from people they follow. With suggested posts, they’ll have the option to keep scrolling past that marker for more content. (That message will still be there along with the option to revisit old posts.)

The suggested posts won’t be the same ones that show up in Explore. They’ll be related to the content that people already follow, whereas Explore aims to point

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Twitter Is Reportedly the Latest to Explore a Deal With TikTok

It’s very early, but would be huge if it moved forward.

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This story originally appeared on Engadget

TikTok’s list of suitors is extending significantly beyond Microsoft. Wall Street Journal sources say Twitter has held “preliminary talks” about a possible union with TikTok’s US business. It’s still very early, and might not move forward, but Twitter reportedly believes it has an advantage over bidders like Microsoft due to its size. It thinks it wouldn’t face as much antitrust scrutiny if it clinched a deal, according to the tipsters.

Twitter’s size could also be a drawback, however. TikTok’s US business alone could be worth tens of billions of dollars, and that would be a serious obstacle when Twitter’s entire market capitalization is $29 billion. It would likely need to draw on help

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Oomnitza Partners with Shasta Ventures and Riverside Acceleration Capital in Latest Round of Funding

Investment during a global pandemic emphasizes the value of an integrated IT asset management solution in the current work-from-home industry transition


Oomnitza, one of the leading technology solutions that delivers a platform to secure and manage a corporation’s digital estate, announced it has completed its Series B institutional funding round of $12.5 million, led by Shasta Ventures and Riverside Acceleration Capital (RAC). More than 130 enterprise and Fortune 500 customers across a range of industries already rely on Oomnitza’s holistic approach to managing and securing IT infrastructure.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:

Oomnitza helps the world's leading companies manage, track and optimize the technology that power their businesses. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Oomnitza helps the world’s leading companies manage, track and optimize the technology that power their businesses. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Oomnitza helps customers manage their rapidly evolving IT infrastructure by addressing critical requirements for security, compliance, procurement and employee experience. The Oomnitza platform can secure, operate and oversee

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Things Could Get Choppy As China Tensions, Fiscal Debate Continue

Key Takeaways:

  • Week begins with more confusion on fiscal stimulus as Congress, White House clash
  • U.S./China tensions mount ahead of earnings over next two weeks from major Chinese firms
  • Volatility could become more of a factor amid geopolitical, Washington concerns

With earnings taking a slight breather, focus this week could turn more toward geopolitical and virus headlines. That means the relative lack of volatility we’ve enjoyed lately has a chance of fading away even more quickly than the weekend just did.

There are a lot of unanswered questions both at home and overseas that could bring choppier trading. The week begins with confusion over Washington’s stimulus plan, more tension between the U.S. and China, and U.S. schools facing a chaotic reopening around the country.

We’ll chat more about some of this below. From a front and center standpoint, Monday morning brought another set of disappointing earnings

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How Does Cloud Hosting Guarantee High Data Redundancies?


In recent years, many site owners have migrated their websites from traditional hosting plans to Cloud Hosting services. There are many benefits offered by Cloud Hosting, including maximum uptime guarantee, instant scalability, faster speeds, top-notch security as well as higher reliability. Today, we are going to talk about a specific benefit of Cloud Hosting services – data redundancy and understand how these hosting services guarantee high redundancy levels for site data.

Cloud Hosting – Data Redundancy

Data redundancy means having multiple copies of the same data at different locations. In web hosting, this can play a crucial role in ensuring uninterrupted services and maximum uptime.

1. Storage architecture (Ceph)

Most Cloud Hosting providers use a storage architecture like Ceph that offers data redundancy to websites. Ceph automatically duplicates data across nodes, creating backups as per the desired frequency.

Ceph ensures that for each object, there is a primary Object Read More


Credit Card Processing for Jewelry Merchants

Whether a special day is arising on the calendar, jewelry dealer businesses got to optimize their payment process. All year round, there are great sums that customers give on jewelry for gifts, weddings, engagements, corporate events, and more. Online jewelry businesses offer many payment options to customers, like gift cards, prepaid cards, credit cards, debit cards, eChecks, and so on. These options require systems which will provide benefits and are easy to work while remaining safe and reliable.

What Jewelry Stores Need:

Jewelry store owners require a secure , reliable, and straightforward to use mastercard processing system to partner with them. However, some mastercard processing companies may consider the jewellery business to be a high-risk category. The convenience with which jewelry is often converted into cash creates some temptation for fraud. As a result, jewelry dealer owners sometimes need to pay inflated processing fees, may have onerous conditions imposed upon … Read More


Technology – Wikipedia

Knowledge of means of accomplishing objectives

A steam turbine with the case opened. Such turbines produce most of the electricity used today. Electricity consumption and living standards are highly correlated.[1] Electrification is believed to be the most important engineering achievement of the 20th century.

Technology (“science of craft”, from Greek τέχνη, techne, “art, skill, cunning of hand”; and -λογία, -logia[2]) is the sum of techniques, skills, methods, and processes used in the production of goods or services or in the accomplishment of objectives, such as scientific investigation. Technology can be the knowledge of techniques, processes, and the like, or it can be embedded in machines to allow for operation without detailed knowledge of their workings. Systems (e.g. machines) applying technology by

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