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Teen Programming Guidelines | Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA)

Download the print version of the Teen Programming Guidelines (PDF).

Supplemental Resource

Teens First: Basic Learning Outcomes Guide: The purpose of this guide is to assist library workers in setting learning goals for teen programs.


These guidelines were created in 2014 -2015 by a task force of the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) with feedback from the library community achieved through a public comment period in December 2014. Members of the task force were Hayden Bass (chair), Kelly Czarnecki, Angela Frederick, Rachel McDonald, Matthew McLain, and Sara Ryan. YALSA’s Board of Directors adopted the guidelines on March 4, 2015.

Review Process

In order to finalize the guidelines, the task force presented a draft document to YALSA’S Board of Directors in fall 2014. At this meeting, the task force solicited feedback on the draft.  The feedback was carefully considered by the task force; additions and revisions have been made

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Fox News to air Easter Sunday services from the Vatican to New York City, more special holiday programming

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Many would-be-churchgoers will stay home on Easter because of the coronavirus pandemic, but Fox News will air services from around the world to help fill the void.

Fox News Channel will air special live programming on Easter Sunday, “America Together: Keeping the Faith,” in celebration of the religious holy week as Americans are forced to spend the holiday at home to limit the spread of the virus.


Easter Sunday services from St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City with Pope Francis will begin at 5 a.m. ET, with continuing coverage on “FOX & Friends Weekend.” Co-hosts Pete Hegseth, Griff Jenkins and Jillian Mele will speak with priests and pastors throughout the morning.

Sandra Smith will take over at 10 a.m. ET, anchoring a two-hour block of holiday content

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GitHub Professional Services | From idea to implementation, our experts are ready to help your team get wherever you want to go. Start a conversation with us about how we can bring your goals to life.

Git and GitHub Training icon

Git and GitHub Training

Help anyone who uses Git or GitHub level up their workflow, including junior or experienced developers, non-developers, managers, system admins, and documentation writers. We’ll tailor a program to your team and environment.

Who is this for?

Developers, non-developers, in-house experts, GitHub admins

Migration icon


Create a comprehensive plan for moving your users, projects, and code from another Version Control System (VCS) to Git and GitHub. We’ll work together to migrate your code and establish a cultural and technical foundation for a productive environment.

Who is this for?

GitHub admins, migration leads

Implementation icon


Learn how to deploy and seamlessly integrate GitHub Enterprise with the rest of your software development ecosystem. We’ll help you understand the security and reliability features of GitHub Enterprise so you can launch with confidence, long-term security, and reliability.

Who is this for?

GitHub admins, DevOps engineers

Workflow Consultation icon

Workflow Consultation

Equip your team with the knowledge

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Formerly Speakeasy, MegaPath is a Leader in Business Telecommunications and IP Services

MegaPath Technology Solutions for SMB and Enterprise Companies

Business Internet

Businesses of any size need reliable internet service, but understanding options and selecting the right technology may be confusing. Choosing the best business Internet solution begins with understanding how your employees will use it and how it will be managed.

The number and intensity of applications used, the need to connect mobile or remote workers, the need for redundancy, network management, and planning for business growth are all factors.

MegaPath experts can help you understand your broadband requirements and select the best internet service for your needs. We offer a wide range of internet technologies and speeds nationwide: Fiber Internet, Ethernet, T1, DSL, Cable, and Wireless Broadband.

And you can get asymmetric, symmetric, shared or dedicated service with speeds up to 10 Gbps. Explore all Business Internet options available from MegaPath.

Business Internet Solutions

Fiber Optic Internet

Fiber Internet is today’s highest speed,

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Programming Services

 PCM Reprogramming Services – PCM
Programming service for your engine swap project or stock vehicle.  I program
all swap PCMs to remove anti-theft
system that will cause a “start and die” condition. Sometimes this is referred
to as VATS. I enable cooling fans for all swap applications, and change fan on
and off temperatures. I can adjust for different
injector size depending on if I have the data for them. I can program for
different transmission options as well I WILL NOT be able to offer
custom tunes for modified engines. (aftermarket cam, boost, heads etc)
I do not lock any PCM I program, and will be compatible with popular tuning
software after I am done.  You can select the payment option for your
application below, but please be sure to view additional info for your
application on the right, and read on below the services for
details I need

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Computer Media Conversion Services

a division of Advanced Computer Innovations, Inc.
70 Office Park Way • Pittsford, NY 14534-1746 (USA)
Phone: (585)-385-3810 • Email: click here

We convert computer files and data from all kinds of legacy
media (floppy disks, zip disks, superdisks, tape cartridges,
9-track open-reel tapes, etc.) to modern media such as
CD/DVD and flash drives, so that you can access your old
files on modern computers.
We convert your information from a wide variety of
computers and operating systems, including Microsoft
Windows, Apple iOS, PC-Dos, MS-Dos, ProDos, Apple-II Dos,
CP/M, Radio Shack TRS-Dos, Cromemco CDOS, TurboDos,
SOS, Unix, Xenix, IBM, OfficeVision, DEC, UniSys, Xerox,
Macintosh, Lisa, iMac, and many others.
We convert from many dedicated word processors,
typewriters and typesetters, including IBM Displaywriter,
Panasonic, Brother, CPT, Xerox 860, Memorywriter, Wang
OIS, Decmate, Compugraphic, Olympia, Dictaphone, NBI,
Lexitron, ITEK Quadratek, and many other systems.
We can also translate your files

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Unlimited High-Speed In-Home Internet Services from T-Mobile

No price hikes, no data caps, no hidden fees. Just $50/month, not a penny more,Powered by T-Mobile’s nationwide LTE network,Easy, do-it-yourself set up,24/7 live technical support, Connect and use multiple devices at the same time,Built-in security features.
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