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Unique in Every Way


This is a season in which we are united in staying apart, liberated through lockdown, and elevated through the deep bond we feel reverberating throughout the whole Technion family – regardless of the boundaries of time and space. From Israel with…

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Defenders of Wellbeing


Nanotech stickers for surgical masks via 3D-printing; cutting-edge systems to remotely screen for COVID-19; a proliferation of student volunteers; and the keys to psychological and physical immunity. …

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Technion students recruit to the COVID-19 volunteer effort.

All hands on deck: Student Volunteers


In the midst of a state of emergency, hundreds of Technion students volunteer to support the nationwide measures to counter the COVID-19 pandemic. The Technion Student Association (TSA) has rapidly mobilized the many students who are volunteering time …

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Technion Researchers & Covid-19


Technion scientists mobilized in the worldwide effort to find solutions for the current global health crisis Researchers in more than 30 Technion labs are working round the clock to help fight the spread of COVID-19. Their research includes early detec…

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Technion Zoom Heroes


“I am immensely proud to bring Zoom to my alma mater. Innovation runs deep in the Technion, and their graduates bring so many gifts to Israel and the world.” – Oded Gal, Electrical Engineering, class of ’94, Chief Product Officer at Zoom …

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Science Saves Lives


It’s in the RNA Technion Prof. Avi Schroeder and his innovative team at ViAqua Therapeutics have an “extremely effective” method that boosts the immune system of animals and protects them against RNA viral diseases. The team aims to take this system …

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Outbreak of Compasion


The secrets to moving through the COVID-19 pandemic can be found in the core qualities of trust and equity, according to Technion Prof. Daniel Orenstein. This includes transparency and reliability of official information and community action. Prof. Ore…

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Technion Goes Virtual


For the first time in Technion’s history, the semester opened with a comprehensive program of distance teaching and learning.  The spring semester at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology opened on schedule – Wednesday, March 18, 2020…

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COVID-19 Technion LIVE Special


At Technion, we have learned through experience that in times of crisis, our greatest strength lies in our togetherness. Today, we are required to meet isolation, quarantine, insecurity, and fear, with community, communication, and a deep commitment to…

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Trusting Online Vaccine Info


New Technion Study Identifies Factors that Determine Trustworthiness of Online Information About Vaccines Researchers at the Technion–Israel Institute of Technology found that, when evaluating online vaccine information, vaccine-confident people and va…

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Technion President’s Report 2019


Welcome to the 2019 President’s Report, in which we review a decade of progress and look forward to continuing fruition of the Technion vision. When I received the tremendous honor of becoming Technion President ten years ago, I felt that I was handed …

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Browse the online archives of press releases from Technion – Israel Institute of Technology for the past five years …

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