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Important Update!!! As of Oct 13th, 2014, ImageSalsa and MovieSalsa are now FREE for personal use!!! Yes, you read that correctly. I have been selling ImageSalsa and MovieSalsa since 2001. We had a good run, but it’s gotten to the point where the cost of maintenance and support is greater […]

Important Update!!!

As of Oct 13th, 2014, ImageSalsa and MovieSalsa are now FREE for personal use!!!

Yes, you read that correctly.

I have been selling ImageSalsa and MovieSalsa since 2001. We had a good run, but it’s gotten to the point where the cost of maintenance and support is greater than the income from dwindling sales. Just the power to run the PC that fulfilled orders was a quarter of the income…

So, I weighed my options and decided the best thing is to give the software away on an “as-is” basis. If you have purchased either program in the last year, I will gladly support you through the support page for a full year from your purchase date. For folks downloading it and using it for free, there are various forums out there with users who may be able to support you, but I won’t be able to provide personal support.

The way this is going to work is I’m going to provide universal keys that anyone can use. These keys will unlock the best version of ImageSalsa (Weather Edition) and MovieSalsa. If you had purchased the Basic or Scripting Edition of ImageSalsa, feel free to use this key for a instant free upgrade — it will replace the embedded serial number from your previous key. You will need your purchased key when requesting support on the Support Page.

Note that I am providing the software for personal use. If you intend to use either program for commercial use, please contact me to arrange an appropriate license..

ImageSalsa Weather Edition FREE Key:


MovieSalsa FREE Key:





a WebCam software that can do more than just utilize webcams in the
conventional way.

We came up with
the name ImageSalsa because we thought putting “cam” in the name would
associate it with the dozens of webcam software programs already in
existence.  When you try out ImageSalsa, you will quickly realize
that the camera is just a small part of the creation.  You start off
with a blank rectangle.  You then layer camera images, pictures from
your computer, images off the web, lines, rectangles, and lines of text
just like adding colors to a painting.  You can drop shadows, change
each element’s transparency, apply color filters (for example, apply the
sepia filter to make any image look like a turn-of-the-century
photograph), rotate by any angle, and more.  When you combine so many
elements in one container — each recognizable and important to the final
results — we thought of salsa.  So why not ImageSalsa?  Well,
because ImageLoaf and ImageStew just didn’t have the same effect.

So, what else can it do?  You can save
a series of images to be used by MovieSalsa
to make time-lapse movies, detect
and save the images to disk, write
programs in VBScript to automatically customize images, and more! 
You can even use the images you create as your desktop background and have
ImageSalsa refresh them periodically.

Get your images on the World Wide Web! ImageSalsa can regularly FTP images to a web server.  If you don’t
have a web server or you would like to host images directly from your PC
in real-time, use ImageSalsa’s built-in web server.

If you are an Virtual Weather
or Weather Display user and own a personal weather station, you’ll find that the Weather Edition can even import all
your text, graphics and weather data direct from Virtual Weather Station
or Weather Display.  For example, you can place the current
temperature right on the image.  When the temperature changes, so
does the image.  Virtual
Weather Station
and a wide range of compatible weather equipment are
available from
Ambient, LLC. 
Weather Display is developed by Brian Hamilton and is available

Why use ImageSalsa over other
software solutions?

  • Flexibility:  We designed
    ImageSalsa from the ground up to be flexible.  We understand that
    most web publishers have some creative talent.  Why limit your
    image to a single line of text with the time and maybe one logo? 
    You can add multiple images to a background, layer dozens of lines of
    text, up to twenty pictures.  Plus, you can even have your “canvas”
    change on the fly by writing a script to control every aspect.
  • Scripting:  As far as we
    are aware, ImageSalsa is the only webcam software on the market with
    scriptable automation.  Imagine changing a line of text based on
    the time of day.  Place a “joke of the day” on your image. 
    Change the logo or other icons based on some external factor like
    weather conditions, drive space.  Place your business’ hours of
    operation for today on the image.  Industrial applications can
    place important environmental data or process information directly on
    the image.  Tell your family members “Happy Birthday” when those
    days arrive.  These are just a few ideas — only your imagination
    can limit how much you can go.
  • Stability:  Running a site
    24/7?  No worries.  ImageSalsa was designed and tested to run
    weeks on end without even a hiccup**.
  • Supports Multiple Cameras: 
    Other products charge twice their regular price or more for just this
    feature.  ImageSalsa includes this capability in all versions+.
  • Supports “Network” Cameras: 
    By setting an inserted graphic’s source to a network camera’s web
    address, you can place one or more network cameras on an image.
  • Support for DV Cameras: 
    In version 2.0, we added support for DirectShow drivers, including the
    ability to import DV directly from a DV-equiped video camera.
  • Price:  FREE as of 10/13/2014!!!


Actual Screen Shot

See an actual
screenshot from ImageSalsa

See other demonstrations from customers
on our links page.

To learn more about our MovieSalsa, our
time-lapse movie making product, follow this link to
the MovieSalsa product page


**Overall system stability also requires
stable drivers and a stable OS.  We recommend Windows 2000 or Windows
XP for the best stability.  We also recommend using a well-recognized
camera or video capture card with known stable drivers.

+ Cameras need to appear as
separate Video-for-Windows devices.  Also, the manufacturer’s drivers
need to support multiple devices — many get confused, to put it nicely,
when you plug into two capture cards or two USB cameras of the same type. 
See the Testing Zone for tested information. 
If you are unsure if your two cameras will work, try them out on the Demo
version first.  You can also use more than one network camera. 

+ Update: With our version 2.0
(available for download) you can now
incorporate multiple video capture devices that are not normally available
under Video-for-Window

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