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Indiana Passes Regulations that Infringe of the Rights of Vapors

March 21, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS – Vape shop owners are concerned, and rightfully so, they worry that new state rules may hamper, or end, their growing businesses. New regulations were passed that are set to go into effect July 1st and they are far-reaching. Security measures include rules as arbitrary as criminal background checks for vape shop owners. Do owners of tobacco stores, or places that sell tobacco, have to face these same regulations? Supporters of the government stepping in say the state had no choice, the federal government has failed to act and the last thing we can have is people acting freely and making decisions for themselves. “We expect the government to tell us what to do,” said one long-time resident of...

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California Looks to Do the Bidding of Big Tobacco

March 14, 2016

In this past week the Legislative body of California approved a basket of bills, most of them are intrusive, pertaining to nicotine products and use. Many Republicans raised their objections, but the majority (Democrats) had the final say and they insisted that the state impose their will on the common man. Despite having smoking rates that cause governors around the country to salivate they feel they must do more…to ‘save the children’ no doubt. The proposed laws are so intrusive that even the liberal-leaning LA Times couldn’t hold back their criticism. “In its zeal to stand up to the tobacco industry, the California Legislature has gone too far with a new package of proposed laws that would trample on the rights...

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