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Vape Tax Continues to Hurt Small Business

September 05, 2017

  Vape Tax Continues to Hurt Small Business The running joke in economic circles is that you can influence a person to do anything; you just need to have the ability to pass an infinite tax. So the thinking goes, if you tax something enough, you can stop people from doing it. Does that mean the government has our best interest at heart when it taxes goods such as alcohol, tobacco and e juice? Maybe they view these as inelastic goods and figure they can raise taxes on them without consumption changing much? Hmmmm. Either way, the vaping industry is in the position of watching heavy taxes being levied across different counties and states. Vaping was relatively new in the...

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Indiana Passes Regulations that Infringe of the Rights of Vapors

March 21, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS – Vape shop owners are concerned, and rightfully so, they worry that new state rules may hamper, or end, their growing businesses. New regulations were passed that are set to go into effect July 1st and they are far-reaching. Security measures include rules as arbitrary as criminal background checks for vape shop owners. Do owners of tobacco stores, or places that sell tobacco, have to face these same regulations? Supporters of the government stepping in say the state had no choice, the federal government has failed to act and the last thing we can have is people acting freely and making decisions for themselves. “We expect the government to tell us what to do,” said one long-time resident of...

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